Choreography: Lisa D Long
Dancers: Mara Brand, Nathan 
Fister, Hannah McCarthy
Music: Gotan Project
Costumes: Lindsey Eastman
Lighting: Sarah Lackner


How To Catch A Man

*Warning Brief Nudity

​The Blue Room

Performance Reel

Choreography: David Hochoy and Ricardo Melendez

Music: Infected Mushroom

Musical Theater Choreography Reel

Xs and Ys

Choreography Ricardo Melendez & Lisa D. Long

Dancers: Stormy Gaylord, Kevin Lopez

Music: Carlos Gardel

Skirting the Line Between Want and Need

Dancer: Alexandra Tucker

Music: Nina Simone

Costume: Lisa D. Long

Lighting: Sarah Lackner


Choreography: Lisa D. Long

Dancers: CSUF Dance Program

Lighting: Deb Lockwood

Costumes Design: Lisa D. Long 

Costume Construction: Shura Pollatsek and Abel Zeballos

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Liminal Breath

Choreographer Lisa D. Long

Dancers: Ashley Diamond, Abigail DiGrazia, Stormy Gaylord, Edward Salas, Victor Sanchez (film) Kevin Lopez


Deep Theta Meditation Artist: PowerThoughts 
Ottorino Respighi, Notturno,

Artist Sergei Babayan
Singing Bowls F# Heart Chakra Artist: SonicYogi.com 

Costumes: Abel Zabellos

Lighting Debra Garcia Lockwood

Film Editing: Dave Mickey