Lisa D. Long



5/2011            Masters of Fine Arts in Choreography, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA 

5/2005            Associates in Occupational Therapy, Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences, 1000 hour program, New York, NY 

5/1992           Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ballet minor in Art History, Magna Cum Laude, Nordan Scholar, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX


07/2015        GYROKINSEISÆ Level one certification, Los Angeles, CA

12/2013        GYROKINSEISÆ apprentice certification West Palm Beach, FL

7/2013          Fibromyalgia 1CEU, Cancer Massage 2 CEUs, Ethics 4 CEUs, Reflexology 6 CEUs, Sports Mssage 4 CEUs, Aromatherapy 3 CEUs,

                     Preventing Medical Errors 2 CEUs, Hydrotherapy 2 CEUs, Blood Borne Pathogens 1 CEU, Nirvana Massage, Norfolk, VA

8/2011         License in Massage Therapy, KY

1/2008        Certification in Massage Therapy, Los Angeles, CA 

2/2006        License in Massage Therapy, New York, NY 1000 hours

5/2005         National Certification of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

8/2009         Applied Kinesiology Principles, 7 CEUs, Health Positive-Correspondence Wabash, IN

10/2008       Ethics, 6 CEUs, Apollo Correspondence Classes, Huntington Beach, CA 

8/2008         Massage for Pregnancy, 12 CEUs, Florida State Board of Massage, FL

1/2007         Fusion: A Synthesis of Physical and Energetic Bodywork, 22 CEUs, Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences, New York, NY

11/2006      Exploring Energy, 3 CEUs, Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences, New York, NY


2005        Riedel Dance Theatre: Company member, under the direction of Jonathan Riedel, New York, NY

1996-2004     Dance Kaleidoscope: Principle dancer, under the direction of David Hochoy, 48 week contract each year
Performed works by:David Hochoy Jimson Weed, Girl at the Piano, The Healing Cup, COLE! Skinwalkers, Carmina Burana, IconoGlass, Seasons, Love Songs, Farewell, Ashland Dances, G&, Watermusic, China Boy, Fascinatin’ Rhythms, Butterfly, Holiday Swing, Sound and Fury, Puccini People, Heart of Joy, America the Beautiful, Judgement of Paris, Food of Love, Concerto d’Aranjuez, Au Moulin Rouge, Planets, Canciones, Let there Be Light, Carnivale, Renaissance Noel, El Salon Mexico
Norman Walker Ring around the Rondo, The Piercing Gaze, Tristan Testament of the Dark Angel
Cynthia Pratt Red Beans and Rice, Red Thread, Rock Paper Scissors, Love Letter, Suite for the Holidays, Samurai, Ibailamos!
Ricardo Melendez Carmelita, Xs and Ys
Jason Ohlberg Zenophobe, The Fairy’s Kiss, The Needy and Nasty

1998-2003      Oregon Shakespeare Festival  May through August each year, six shows per week, performances under the umbrella of Dance Kaleidoscope

1993-1996 Dallas Black Dance Theatre: Company member under the direction of Ann Williams and Darryl B. Sneed, 48 week contract each year, Dallas, TX
Performed works by:
Donald Byrd Rose Permutations
Talley Beatty A rag a bone and a Hank of Hair
Milton Meyers Pacing
Donald McKayle Games
Chuck Davis Homage to the Source: Africa
Kevin Iega Jeff Walls
Gene Hill Sagan Etudes and Elegy
John Mead Soiree
Derrick Whitters Backbones in Motion
Lily Cabatu Weiss Flights of Fancy
Holly Williams Black Magic
Darrryl B. Sneed And Now Marvin, Ascend, Tides, Inserted Passages
Cleo Parker Robinson Spiritual Suite~ Mary Don’t you Weep, Perfect Praise
Andre George Two Solos
Geroge Faison Mad Pain


8/2015- pres  California State University Fullerton:  Assistant Professor, Department of Theater and Dance, Modern Technique, Composition, 

2011-2015     Western Kentucky University Assistant Professor, Department of Theater and Dance, Contemporary/Modern technique, Improvisation, D                                   Dance in Culture, Jazz, Anatomy/Kinesiology for Dancers, Bowling Green, KY

2009-2011    California Institute of the Arts Faculty, Critical Studies/Dance Department, Anatomy of Movement, 2.0 credit class for BFA II. Substitute teacher,                        Dance Department, contemporary technique for dance majors, levels I/II/III, Valencia, CA

2009              University of California Los Angeles Adjunct Faculty, Department of Cultural and Recreational Affairs, ballet,  beginning and intermediate level,                           Spring Quarter, Los Angeles, CA

                      Butler University: Adjunct Faculty, Dance Department, modern technique, intermediate and advanced level dance majors, Summer Semester                             Indianapolis, IN 

                       Los Angeles County High School for the Arts Faculty, Dance Department, Modern Technique, Ballet Technique, Anatomy/ Kinesiology for                                  Dancers, freshmen and sophomores, Los Angeles, CA

7/2009            California State Summer School for the Arts Four-week anatomy/kinesiology workshop for high school students, California Institute of the Arts,                          Valencia, CA

3/2017           American College Dance Association, Modern technique/Self-care for Dancers, Torrance, CA
3/2016            American College Dance Association, Modern technique/Self-care for Dancers, Los Angeles, CA
9/2015            Westside Ballet, Graham-based Modern Technique for highest level dancers, Santa Monica, CA
2013-15          New Dialect Dance Company, Contemporary Technique, GYROKINSEISÆ and Self-Care For Dancers, Nashville, TN
3/2013            Sacramento State University, Guest Teacher, Contemporary/Modern, Dance History Sacramento, CA
5/2011            Western Kentucky University Guest Teacher, Department of Theater and Dance, Modern technique for majors, Bowling Green, KY
3/2012            California State University Fullerton Guest Teacher, Dance Department,California State University Fullerton Guest Teacher, Dance Department

3/2011            Case Western Reserve University Guest Teacher, Dance Department, Modern technique for majors and minors,  Cleveland, OH 
10/2011          Tennessee Association of Dance 
Chattanooga, TN
5/20104/2011 California Institute of the Arts Collaborative workshop with David Kroth, Technical Director, allowing dancers to experience how to dance                                    effectively under stage lighting, BFA II students, Valencia, CA
8/2010           Texas Christian University Guest Teacher, Dance Department, modern technique, advanced-level dance majors, Fort Worth, TX
7-1/2010        Brockus Project Studio Summer and Winter Two-week intensives, Intermediate level, Graham-based modern and Composition/Improvisation,                           Los  Angeles, CA
6/2009           Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio Six-week multi-level modern intensive, Los Angeles, CA
4/2009           University of California Los Angeles Master class, modern technique for intermediate level visiting high school students, Los Angeles, CA
2/2009           Pasadena Dance Festival Master class, modern technique, mulit-level Workshop, Anatomy and Self-Care for Dancers, Pasadena CA
1/2008           Diavolo DanceLab Six-week, mulit-level, Graham-based intensive, Los Angeles, CA
2007-2009     Valkyrie Theater of Dance, Drama and Film Instructor, ballet, modern, improvisation, youth ages 6-16, Los Angeles, CA
2000-2004     Academy of Ballet International Instructor, ballet, advanced level students, Indianapolis, IN


10/2018           DUMBO Dance Festival, Xs and Ys, Duet Co-choreographed with Ricardo Melendez,
                        CSUF student dancers, Stormy Gaylord and Edward Salas, Gelsey Kirkland Performing Arts Theater, Brooklyn, NY
9/2018             Wayward Artists: Faith Concert, Co-choreographer with CSUF Alumni Omar Guillen, CSUF student dancer, Ashley Diamond, Grand Central                              Arts Center, Santa Ana, CA
9/2018             In and Back Again concert, Co-Director, Co-Curator, Co-Choreographer,  Xs and Ys, Halberg Theater, Fullerton, CA                    
8/2018             Chartres Cathedral, Inaugural performance of The Labyrinth Project, Into the Rose, Co-choreographer with Alumni Omar Guillen, Dancer,                                  Rebecca Levy, Courtesy of Jacksonville Dance Theater, Composer, Max Salazar, Chartres, France
8/2018             Labyrinth at Grail Haven Into the Rose, Co-choreographer with CSUF Alumni Omar Guillen,
                        Dancer, Rebecca Levy, Courtesy of Jacksonville Dance Theater, Composer, Max Salazar, Escales, France                                  
06/2018           Jacksonville Dance Theater Commission, Into the Rose, Jacksonville, FL
05/2018           Dance film Liminal Breath,
04//2018          Spring Dance Theater, For Those Who Cannot Speak, CSUF Fullerton, CA
10/29/17          Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Sanctus: Bernstein’s Mass, Chorography for Pacific Chorale, Orange County, CA
10/2017           Orange County School for the Arts, Inheritance, Dance for 12 students, Music, Dvorak

                        string quartet in F Major, Santa Ana, CA
10/30/2017      First Annual COTA Planetary Dance Organized and implemented CSUF community ritual for healing, 89 participants across disciplines.                                      Musical collaborators: Dr. Pamela Madsen, and New Music Ensemble, Craig Shields, Brigitte Ballivione, Max Salazar                       
9/2017             Frankenstein, Choreographer, CSUF Department of Theatre and Dance, Fullerton, CA
8/4/2017          Article Publication: “Enhancing Performance: Self-Care for All Artists,” The Artifice
8/2017             Film documentation/Don Martin Compiled documentation of three master classes taught by Mr. Don Martin in Horton Technique

6/2017       Into The Rose  Solo Duo Festival NYC, NY

​5/2017      3-2-Tango- Commissioned by Jacksonville Dance Theater, Jacksonville, FL

4/2017       Liminal Breath- Multi-media work, Seven dancers on film, five dancers on stage, Music: Binaural beats, singing bowls and Ottorino Resphigi, 

                  Fullerton, CA

2/2017       Xs and Ys Collaboration/Re-staging with Ricardo Melendez, Cross-dressed tango duet, SoCal Dance Invitational, Orange County, CA

08/2016     ...Y Tu Tango? Curator/Director/Choreographer, Full-evening length work for seven dancers Produced by Highways Performance Space,

​                  Los Angeles, CA

4/ 2016      XS  Re-staging of work on CSUF, Fullerton, CA    

10/2015     Residual Unseen: Reverance for Lost Voices, in collaboration with KY Museum, Dr Kristina Arnold, Dr. Liza Kelly and composer Matthew Setzer,                       Bowling Green KY
9/2014       3-2-Tango Trio for L2Dance Theater, Music Gotan Project, Video collaborator, Dr Ed Kintzel performed:    DUMBO Dance Festival, Gala Concert                       opening act, Brooklyn, NY, Inaside Dance Chicago Choreographers showcase, Chicago, IL, WKU Dance Co. Bowling Green, KY
1/2014       Curtains the musical, Choreographed full musical for WKU Theater/Dance production, Bowling Green, KY
11/2013     NutCrackers, quintet, WKU Dance Company, Holiday Extravaganza, Music: Brian Setzer Orchestra, Bowling Green, KY
8/22/2013 Be Fly, Solo performed at MixMatch Dance Festival, Santa Monica, CA
11/2013     REVEAL! Evening length work, quintet, Composer Sue Carney, film maker Natalie Metzger, set designer Joe Porto and Costume designer                                Silvanne Park, Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show, Ashland, OR
8/10/2013 TRANSCEND! Dance installation for five dancers, Composer Sue Carney, Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show, Ashland, OR
4/2013      Skirting the Distance Between Want and Need, Solo set on both male and female dancers, Music: Bo Vaughn, bowling Green, KY
                 Presented also at:Alabama Dance Festival, Birmingham, AL, 
11/17/12   Get Your Cruz On, Chevrolet Cruz commercial choreographed on eleven professional dancers, Sublimemedia Group/MoFilm competition, Bowling                    Green, KY
11/2012    Visions of Sugared Rum Work contemporary piece for seven dancers, WKU Dance Company, Music: Charles Afton and Paul T feat. Clinton                              Carnegie, Bowling Green, KY
4/2012      XS, Ten dancers, WKU Dance Company, Music: Gotan Project, Bowling Green, KY
3/2012      Zavicaj/Homeland, Site-specific, dance installation for ten dancers, Composer: Michael Kallstrom, Center for Research and Development, Bowling                    Green, KY
12/2011    Rockwell Redux, Quintet for WKU Dance Company,  Music: Skating by Vince Gueraldi Trio, Bowling Green, KY
12/2011    Holiday for One  Solo, for WKU Dance Company, Music:  Please Come Home for Christmas by Willie Nelson, Bowling Green, KY
11/2011    Amahl  duet for WKU Opera, Bowling Green, KY
8/2011      3-2-1, Sight-specific sextet, choreographed on WKU Dance Company, Composer: Ellen Reid, Bowling Green, KY
5/2011      Moth Opera choreographed in collaboration with sixteen singer/dancers, Composer: Ellen Reid, Director: Julianne Just, New Works Festival,                              Mark Taper Courtyard, Valencia, CA
5/2011      Ukiyo-E Female solo, scored improvisation with harpist, Jillian Risigari-Gai,  Mid-Residence Recital, Music: Ukiyo-E by George Rochberg, Roy O.                      Disney Hall, Valencia, CA
4/2011      Be Fly female solo choreographed as a part of Totem, Brockus Project Studio benefit concert, Los Angeles, CA 
3/2011      Totem Masters thesis concert Full evening length concert including a 20 minute, Butoh-inspired installation Choreographed on seven BFA students,                 California Institute of the Arts, Sharon Disney Lund Theater, Valencia, CA
11/2010   Gong Piece and Merapi, two modern pieces created in collaboration with dancers, musicians and animators from Jakarta Institute of the Arts (IKJ), 
                Life at Sea concert, Main Gallery, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
7/2010     Milk, Milk Lemonade, Musical dances for actors, Rogue Machine Theater Company, Director: Matthew S. Elkins, Theatre Theater, Los Angeles, CA
5/2010     Un Peu Tache’ Modern solo choreographed on BFA student, California Institute of the Arts, Music: Sylvain Chauveau, Last Dance Concert, Sharon                   Disney Lund Theater Valencia CA
                Presented also: DanceSpot, Studio A, Silverlake, CA 5/2010 Tri-art Festival, San Pedro, CA 9/2010 MixMatch Festival, Electric Lodge, Venice, CA 
2/2010    Breath-Held, Modern sextet choreographed on BFA students, Composer: Ellen Reid, California Institute of the Arts, MFA I concert, Sharon Disney                    Lund Theater, Valencia CA Restaged WKU dance company Bowling Green, KY

9/2009    Eskimo Pie Modern duet, choreographed on BFA students, Music: Jacek Pelk California Institute of the Arts, Open House Concert, Sharon Disney                    Lund Theater, Valencia, CA, Bowling Green, KY
9/2009    The Tempest, Created a movement vocabulary for the acting company, Director: Jeff Soroka, Theater Unleashed Company, Studio/Stage, Los                          Angeles, CA
5/2009    It’s Always Darkest, Modern piece choreographed for eleven students, Music: Oliwa and the Pleasure Circus and Victoire, Los Angeles County High                  School for the Arts, Alex Theater, Glendale, CA
5/2008    What is Courage, (section two) Modern/jazz choreography for twelve youth ages 6-12, Valkyrie Theater of Dance Drama and Film, Boys and Girls                    Club of Pasadena, Pasadena, CA
4/2008    Compleat Female Stage Beauty, Burlesque dances for two actors, Director: John Flynn, Rogue Machine Company, Theatre Theater, Los Angeles,                    CA
3/2008    The Dance of McDictator, Musical theater tango for five dancers, No Tea Productions, UNDER St. Marks Theater, New York, NY
4/2005    Good Times, Musical burlesque piece for five dancers, Music: Good Times by Sonny and Cher, Producer/Director: Barry Doss Design as a part of a                  fashion show, Ruby Falls, New York, NY
4/2005    Band of Gold, Modern trio for hula-hoop troupe and sock puppet, Music: Freda Payne, Producer/Director: Barry Doss Design as a part of a fashion                    show, Ruby Falls, New York, NY
12/2004  Clara’s Christmas Dream, Five musical dances for twelve actor/dancers, Composer: Tim Starnes, Director: Bruce Merrill, Stage Right                                        Productions Theater at St Clements, New York, NY
8/2003    Just As I Am, Video-style musical set on eight women ranging in experience from pedestrian to professional, Music: Buddha Bar, Oregon                                  Shakespeare Festival’s Daedalus Project, Elizabethan Theater, Ashland, OR
5/2003    Stand Up and Dance, Modern choreography set on the advanced students of Academy of Ballet International, Music: Ashley McIssacs, Indianapolis,                IN
5/2002    Breathe Already, Modern choreography set on the advanced students of Academy of Ballet International, Music: Paul Schoenfield, Indianapolis, IN
7/2001    Two Sisters and a Piano, A tango for two actors, Director Andrea Frye, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Black Swan Theater, Ashland, OR
5/2001    The Oops Experiment, Modern choreography set on the advanced students of Academy of Ballet International, Music: Thomas Newman,                                  Indianapolis, IN
8/2000    Idiots Guide to Enhancing Self-Esteem, Modern quintet set on members of Dance Kaleidoscope, Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Daedalus Project,                  Elizabethan Theater, Ashland, OR
7/2000    Raven, Modern duet on members of Dance Kaleidoscope, Music: Hedningarna, Midnight Showcase, Carpenter Hall, Ashland, OR
5/1999    Pearls and Incidentals, Modern quartet set on members of Dance Kaleidoscope Music: Gershwin, Sussurus Space, Indianapolis, IN
6/1998    Mission Possible, Modern choreography set on the students of American Dance Center, Music: Mission Impossible Soundtrack, Overland Park, KS
6/1996    Just Chillin’ Four music videos set on members of Dallas Black Dance Theater for a television pilot, Dallas, TX

2017         Liminal Breath, in collaboration with filmmaker Joe Adams,  Los Angeles, CA

2015         Residual Unseen, Bowling Green, KY *Third Place Front and Main Festival
06/2014    Thessalonike, Post-production, Collaboration with Christie Nelson and dancer Amy Morrow, Denton, TX
12/2010    The Blue Room, Burbank, CA
4/2010      How to Catch a Man, Valencia CA
1/2010      Two Thousand Miles, No Distance, Valencia CA/ Indianapolis, IN Presented at: MixMatch Festival, Miles Memorial Playhouse, Los Angeles CA 


10/2016       National Dance Education Organization: Poster Presentation: Designing a High-Impact Experience for Teaching Creative Dance for Children as                         Community Outreach 
03/2015       Inaside Choreographers Showcase- 3-2-Tango and Skirting the Line Between Want and Need Chicago, IL
09/2014       DUMBO Dance Festival, 3-2-Tango, Brooklyn, NY
01/18/2014  Alabama Dance Festival, New Works Concert, Skirting the Distance Between Want and Need, Solo choreography, Birmingham, AL
10/23/2013  National Dance Education Organization, Workshop Zombie Re-Humanization, Harmonizing Physical and Energetic Meridians to Usher Forth                              Enhanced Performance, Miami, FL

08/2012        Society for Values in Higher Education, Presentation entitled Quantifying Art Without Losing Heart, Madison, NJ
12/2011        International University Global Theatre Experience, Presentation entitled Harmonizing Meridians to Usher Forth Honest Performance, Graz,                              Austria

2016    CSUF Center for Internships & Community Engagement-Service Learning Mini Grant
2016    CSUF Junior/Senior Research Grant
2016    First and Main Film competition- Third Place Residual Unseen
2014    WKU Potter College Teaching Award- Five nominations
2014    WKU RCAP Research and Creative Activities Grant
2013    WKU FUSE grant, Honors College
2012    4th Place Winner of the Chevrolet Las Vegas MOFILM International Commercial Contest “Get Your Cruz on”
2012    Western Kentucky University RCAP Research and Creative Activities Grant
2011    Potter College, Western Kentucky University, Professional Development Grant
2011    Western Kentucky University Theatre/Dance Dept. Professional Development Grant
2010    Career Transitions for Dancers, Sono Osato Grant
2010/2011    California Institute of the Arts, Scholarship
2009/2010    California Institute of the Arts, Scholarship 
Career Transitions for Dancers, Caroline H. Newhouse Scholarship GranTexas Christian University, 1988-1992    Nordan Fine Arts Scholarship

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